We put the positive in Home Inspection!
We put the positive in Home Inspection!


Our Four Point Insurance Inspection is favored by residents across the greater Tampa Bay region for good reason

When it comes to insuring homes that are aged 20 years or older, or that have a roof that is more than 15 years old a 4 Point inspection may be needed to qualify for  Homeowners Insurance. This inspection must be conducted by a professional who has obtained a Florida-specific license, A+ Inspect signifying the professional has years of experience with this style of insurance inspection.

Background on Four Point Insurance Inspections

Four Points Home Insurance Inspections were implemented in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. This inspection is performed on behalf of insurers. It is conducted for homeowners to obtain home insurance. From the insurer’s point of view, these home inspections are beneficial as it reduces the potential for a massive loss on a homeowner’s insurance policy. In a nutshell, insurance companies use the Four Point Insurance Inspection as a means of verifying that a home is worth insuring. It gauges whether a home’s core elements are in solid condition and up to date.

In general, Florida homes that are two decades old or older will require a Four Point Insurance Inspection. This inspection is typically required when a homeowner switches insurance companies or when the current insurer cancels a homeowner’s policy.

A+ Inspect It’s Four Point Insurance Inspections

Our highly detailed report provides in-depth information regarding each home’s electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC equipment (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and the roof systems as required by the insurance companies.

Ask around and you will find that our customers are more than pleased with our professionals’ attention to detail during Four Point Insurance Inspections. We only hire and train industry veterans who know the ins and outs of home insurance requirements. Our team will handle all of the Four Point Insurance Inspection paperwork, so you don’t have to sweat any of the “small stuff”.

Contact A+ Inspect It for Your Home’s Four Point Insurance Inspection Today.

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our Four Point Insurance Inspections and other services. A+ Inspect It even offers several inspections discounts for homeowners who schedule a Home Inspection in tandem with an Insurance Inspection. You can contact us by dialing (727) 272-6257.

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