YES!  Do you really want to gamble with what may be the largest investment you ever make?  Before you buy a home that your family and the people you love are going to live in, you should get the home thoroughly checked out by Professional Licensed Home Inspector.

Here in Florida, I would recommend hiring a member of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) with at least a Registered Professional Inspector status or (RPI).  FABI Members are the “cream of the crop” here in Florida.  FABI RPI Inspectors not only have all the knowledge and education behind them as their other Home Inspector brothers, but they have knowledge related to living in Florida where we deal with things like Hurricanes, Sink Holes, Building homes on Sandy soil and everything from tile roofs to almost every house having a swimming pool. But back to “Do I really need a home Inspection”, yes and some of the items I just mentioned is a really good reason along with many others.  I know you asking yourself, why would you choose to spend another $400 to $500 if you don’t have too when buying a home.  There are a few really important reasons you should not buy a home without a home inspection.

First, home inspections important because it can be used as a contingency in your purchase.  If significant defects or issues are revealed by the home inspection, you have the option of backing out of the contract free of the penalty within the inspection period.  These defects or issues must be of a serious nature if they would warrant walking away on the contract.

Kenton Heiden/ Inspector

FL Home Inspector License #HI-7860

FABI Registered Professional Inspector #RPI-0838