We put the positive in Home Inspection!
We put the positive in Home Inspection!

Seawall Inspections

Seawall and things consider

Many waterfront homes in the Tampa Bay area that are on waterways connected to the Gulf of Mexico often have Seawalls.

When buying a home that has a Seawall, there are some things you should consider that don’t apply to  non-waterfront properties. One area that many prospective home buyers don’t consider is the condition of the seawall on the property.

In most cases, the homeowner of the property is responsible for maintaining and repairing the seawall. If you are the home buyer, it is in your best interest to inspect the seawall before purchasing the property. A+ INSPECT IT specializes in full seawall inspections. We inspect what you can see above the water and what lies below the surface.


A comprehensive Seawall Inspection Report provided by A+ INSPECT IT will fully inform you of the condition of the seawall and any areas of concern prior to the home purchase.

One of the leading causes of seawall damage is soil erosion. A visible sign of soil erosion is the presence of sinkholes, regardless of how large the sinkhole may be, in the soil behind the seawall. It’s not uncommon for sinkholes to be hidden underneath the grass.

Another area of concern is pressure behind the seawall. This is most often caused by water retention and soil movement, which can cause the seawall to shift and crack. Visible cracks are an indication that the wall should be looked at and repaired.

If the soil under the seawall begins to settle, the seawall may lose some structural support and leave gaps. If we find visible gaps below the seawall, it should be addressed as soon as possible.

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