The purpose of a windstorm mitigation inspection is to determine the elements of protection your home has or does not have in the event of a wind storm or hurricane for the purposes of ratings for your homeowner’s insurance company.  A wind mitigation inspection can possibly save you $100s of dollars a year on your homeowner’s insurance?

Our area receives its fair share of hurricanes, harsh rainstorms, and violent winds. If your home is not capable of withstanding these environmental phenomena, you must take the appropriate steps to reinforce its structural integrity.

Why A+ Inspect It’s Wind Mitigation Inspection is Essential

If you live in Tampa Bay or anywhere close to the greater Tampa Bay area, it is imperative that you have a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed on your house or condo. Our home inspections gurus have gone to great lengths to specialize in Wind Mitigation analysis. We study homes in-depth to determine if they are capable of withstanding a beating from a nasty Florida storm. Combine the findings from our Wind Mitigation Inspection Report with the right type of construction modifications and you will likely obtain a nice discount on your home/windstorm insurance policy.

What A+ Inspect It’s Wind Mitigation Inspection Entails

Reach out to A+ Inspect It for a Wind Mitigation Inspection and we will perform a comprehensive review of your home from top to bottom to determine if it can handle strong winds. Our team will inspect your home’s concrete block construction, roof to wall attachments, clips and hurricane straps, gable end bracing, opening protections and beyond.

What to do After the Wind Mitigation Inspection is Performed

Our windstorm mitigation experts will analyze your home and explain our findings in a detailed written report. If it is determined that your home is prone to damage due to structural flaws or other weaknesses, it is time to take action by adding features that help enhance your home’s wind resistance.

Wind mitigation add-ons and modifications will serve to reinforce your home so it can withstand even the most brutal Florida windstorm. This way, you won’t have to fret over your most prized possession (your home) in the event of a hurricane making its way across our beautiful state. We encourage you to reach out to your insurance company after scheduling your Wind Mitigation Inspection to find out if the inspection qualifies you for a lower insurance premium.