A home inspector can’t identify everything that might be wrong with the property – it only checks for visual cues to problems. For example, if the home’s doors do not close properly or the floors are slanted, the foundation might have a crack – but if the crack can’t be seen without pulling up all the flooring in the house

A home inspector can’t tell you for sure if it’s there.  Home inspectors cannot see through walls and do not have x-ray vision or unfortunately, they cannot predict the future as much as we would like too. Home inspectors are generalists – that is, they can tell you that the plumbing might have a problem, but then they will recommend that you hire an expert to verify the problem and give you an estimate of the cost to fix it. Most Home inspectors also do not check for issues like termite damage, site contamination, mold, engineering problems and other specialized issues.  The best home inspectors will report on what they see, what they are unable to see or access and the report they provide should be easy to read, with photos, estimates of costs, and identification the systems of the home present with location.  Report turnaround time is how long it takes to get the report of the home inspector’s findings to the client/buyer.  This can be anywhere from same day to 2 or 3 days.  We furnish all our reports same day. 

The point is home inspections may cost a little more time and money, but overall you will be glad you did and you will know a lot more about the home you are purchasing. The inspection can reveal problems and with the help of your real estate professional these items can be negotiated and maybe even repaired or replaced before you move in saving you time and money! If you are a first-time homebuyer or just buying your dream home in the “sunshine state”, an inspection can give you a crash course in home maintenance and a checklist of items that need attention to make your home as safe and sound as possible. Don’t skip this important step in the home-buying process – it’s worth every penny.

Kenton Heiden/ Inspector

FL Home Inspector License #HI-7860

FABI Registered Profesional Inspector #RPI-0838